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In addition to a full line of fertilizers and chemicals and crop services, we carry a full line of fertilizers, crop protection products and other supplies to meet your needs as seen below. Please contact us for more information or if you need something you don’t see listed.


  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Full Face Sheild
  • Tyvek Coveralls
  • Dust Masks
  • Safety Glasses
  • Danger Signs (Bilingual)

Orchard Supplies

  • Tie Tape
  • Tree Wraps
  • Balecord/Twine (Big Bale)
  • Tree Rope
  • Measuring Cups
  • Flagging Tape
  • Tree Stakes
  • Hydrology Line Cleaners
  • Tanklean Equipment Cleaner
  • PH Meters
  • Sweep Nets
  • Pruning shears / Loppers
  • Soil Probes


  • Codling Moth Traps and Lures
  • Metarex Snail / Slug Bait
  • Husk Fly Traps and Lures
  • Navel Orange Worm Traps
  • Peach Twig Borer Traps
  • Olive Fruit Fly Trap

Rodent Control

  • Just One Bite - Bait Bars
  • Adios Combo Bait Cubes
  • Giant Destroyer Super Gasser
  • Kaput Combo Bait Pellets
  • Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait
  • Gopher Bait 50 (Strychnine)
  • Wilco Gopher Bait Applicators
  • Wilco Zinc Ag Bait
  • ZP Rodent Bait (Ag)
  • Ramik Green Rodenticide
  • PCQ Squirrel and Mouse Bait
  • Talprid (Mole Bait)
  • Hawk All-Weather Bait Chunx