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Soil and Tissue sampling

On your request we will do the required sampling and interpret the resulting data for you. Yearly soil samples are a critical part of a sound fertility program.

Irrigation Water Analysis and Treatment

At three-and-a-half-acre foot of water the average grower might apply over the season, it is far and away the largest input a grower will use. 3.5-acre foot of water is the equivalent of over 9-million pounds of this vital input per acre! In that water there is the great chance for carbonates, bicarbonates and biological matter that can compromise your ability to maximize your crop yield.

We are a dealer for Brandt Hydrology and are happy to conduct a full examination of your irrigation water quality and suggest remedies including the introduction of gypsum, buffering with various acid options, or using one of Hydrology’s fine algaecides.

Dry and Liquid Fertilizer Application

Along with a large variety of other equipment, we have for rent a self-propelled liquid applicator designed to apply basic fertilizer products or liquid fertilizer blends.

Dust Control

Dust can be a serious problem for many farmers and ranchers.  To assist with your dust control needs, we carry Dust Off© Dust Suppressant. Dust Off© works by compacting and stabilizing dirt roads, limiting the amount of time and money spent maintaining roads. For further product information, please click on the product link or contact us.

Equipment Rental

We offer a large variety of equipment for rent. Whether your requirements are large or small, we’re here with the right tools to help. A few examples available are:

  • Gopher Bait Machines
  • Injection Pumps
  • Lime / Gypsum Spreaders
  • Liquid Applicators
  • Dry Fertilizer Spreaders

Being a member of the NVA co-op for the last 10 years means receiving a competitive price and good service on fertilizers and supplies. This allows us to participate in the local economy and play a bigger role in our community. - Les Heringer, Jr. | M&T Ranch