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Fertilizers & Crop Protection

At North Valley Ag Services, we believe in providing our growers with exactly what they need – and nothing more. We’re proud to offer innovative products and custom blends designed to deliver what’s needed to maximize yields.  We also take to heart our responsibility to be our customer’s partner in the continued beneficial stewardship of the land. 

We offer unique blends for almost every soil and field in both liquid and dry formulas. We understand the value in having the right blend at the right time for the right crop and conditions. One size does not fit all when it comes to the best choice for your crops and fields. We have licensed CCA’s in house to answer all of your fertilizer questions.

Successful Strategies:

Pre-Plant Fertilizer

Pre-plant fertilizers and well timed top-dress applications are essential for winter crops such as wheat, oats, barley and winter forage. If you need it, we’ve got it. You’ll also find NVAS has plenty of aqua rigs and dry spreaders at the ready. And, don’t forget about weed control on those winter crops. With the addition of certain foliar nutrients, you’ll realize enhanced weed control along with increased yields.

Pre-Bloom and other early strategies

We carry all materials necessary for your crop to get off to the right start for the season. From dry or liquid nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, foliar micronutrients and even biological products, we have you covered.

Incremental Feeding

Since most local permanent crop fields are drip, micro-sprinkler or sprinkler irrigated, spoon feeding liquid fertilizer through the irrigation system to the crop is even easier. Spoon feeding allows for even more precise applications of needed nutrients with minimal waste. Just as you wouldn’t eat one large meal for a week, a plant can’t be given one dose of fertilizer and expect it to be healthy and profitable.

Post-Harvest Fertilizer

Post-harvest fertilizer is integral as your fields go into their dormant period.  We recommend a tissue and soil analysis to provide the basis for a custom blend that will not only be retained within the tree over the winter, but will also be available in the soil as they start to push forth in the spring.

Crop Protection

North Valley Ag Services carries all the herbicides, insecticides, rodenticides and fungicides you could ever need. If there is something we do not have that you would like to look into using, just ask. Most likely you’re not the only one. In addition, we have licensed PCA’s in house to answer all your chemical questions.

For label and Material Safety Data access we recommend using Agrian at


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I’ve been with NVA since they started. Great service and prices. Both machinery and delivery of supplies are excellent - Robert Kidd | Grower