Dust Control

Dust can be a serious problem for many farmers and ranchers. It has long been known to limit crop and vegetation growth by clogging pores on plants and transporting dust mites. Another factor to consider is compliance with state and federal air pollution regulations with respect to particulates generated by dust. To help with your dust control needs, we now carry Dust-Off® Dust Supressant. Dust-Off® is a dust control product that works by compacting and stabilizing dirt roads, limiting the amount of time and money you need to spend maintaining your roads. Click on the product name above for more information.

Supplies and Equipment

In addition to a full line of fertilizers and chemicals, we carry a variety of other supplies to meet your needs.The following is a list of the other great products we offer.

Tie Tape Frost Control Thermometers and Sensors 
Tree Wraps  Traeger Barbeque Pellets 
Balecord/Twine  AV Cord Strapping 
Tree Rope  Dust-Off® Dust Supressant
Gloves  Hydrology Line Cleaners 
Coveralls  Nutra-Sol Equipment Cleaner 
Dust Masks  Pesticide Equipment Cleaner  
Goggles  Coddling Moth Traps and Lures
Pruning Shears  Metarex Snail/Slug Bait 
Measuring Cups  Husk Fly Traps and Lures 
Danger Signs  Navel Orange Worm Traps
Flagging Tape  Peach Twig Borer Traps 

Rodent Control

One Bite Bait Blocks
Giant Destroyer Super Gasser 
Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait
Wilco Gopher Bait
Wilco Gopher Bait Applicators
ZP Rodent Bait (Ag) 
Ramik Green Rodenticide 
PCQ Squirrel and Mouse Bait 

Water Treatment Technology

Hydrology CMR offers a wide range of water treament products and services. For more information click here to visit their website.