Overstock Fertilizer Available

Season-Ending Overstock Items

Please call Mark on the following fertilizers.  If you can take the entire amount of the below materials the price will be the best.  We can always make more material if the below quantities are too small!

9-0-23 with 26% sulfur (dry), ½ sulfate of potash and ½ muriate of potash.  This would be a good post-harvest material that is not too hot for a pre-dormancy application if your rate is not too high.  We have 47,000+ lbs available.

8-0-30 (dry):  Much like the above blend but all potassium comes from only potassium sulfate.  Only 1,700+- pounds, a perfect post-harvest, pre-dormancy material.  Apply at 300 lbs per acre and put them to bed with <25 lbs. of nitrogen and 90 lbs. of potash.

CAN 27 (dry):  This is a “safe” version of ammonium nitrate: it won’t blow with two blasting caps!  Analysis is 27-0-0 and the Nitrogen is ½ ammonic and 1/2 nitrate.  We have over 26,000 pounds available and want to get it out before the fall humidity can turn it into mush.

View the label at:  http://www.yara.us/doc/33952_CAN-27BulkWest4-10.pdf

This is great material for that final shot on your walnuts at 100 pounds of nitrogen per acre (370 lbs material).  The nitrate portion of this product is soluble and quickly available to the crop.

11-0-4-2.7%sulfur and 5.1% Calcium (liquid):  This is a simple mix of KTS and CAN17.  Not a bad choice to finish a prune or walnut crop.  We like the calcium for quality fruit.  Go 20 gallons per acre and get 25#N, 9.25#K20 and 11.6#of Ca.  We only have enough for 18 acres at that rate (4,210 lbs., 362 ga).

21.8-0.32-3.35-2.2%sulfur (liquid):  The phosphorous at 0.32% might be a little misleading but it is the Baicor Hi-Phos and a super high-quality form.  Label:  http://www.baicor.com/products/view/45

Go 44 gallons per acre on walnuts and get 100#N and the equivalent of two quarts of Hi-Phos and 5 gallons of KTS.  We have 540 gallons but happy to make more!

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