Understanding the Importance of Raw Ingredients in Phosphite Fertilizers

Recently, some questions have arisen concerning the raw ingredients used in various phosphite fertilizers on the market today. The following information from Custom Ag Formulators should help clarify those questions.

Custom Ag Formulators (CAF) uses only “virgin phosphorous acid” in its formulation on ENGAGE PK. There are only a few manufacturers of “virgin phosphorous acid.” To assure consistency in its raw ingredient, CAF limits its purchases of this high quality component to a single supplier. This manufacturer produces no by-products from their phosphorous acid. Custom Ag Formulators is one of the few outside formulators entitled to purchase this high quality raw material.

CAF used 100% of this “virgin phosphorous acid” product in the manufacture of its ENGAGE PK product. No other phosphorous source is added.

Soap manufacturers are producing and making available, a by-product acid derived from fatty acids. When this by-product is in abundant supply, the manufacturers will often “dump” it into the market, creating instability in quality and cost. This by-product, which is lower in quality than “virgin phosphorous acid,” is selected by some formulators to be incorporated into their “phosphite” products. This cheaper alternative has the following charactieristics:

1. Foaming

2. Strong odor

3. Golden brown to dark brown coloration

Even though our raw ingredient cost is higher than those of some other manufacturers, CAF is committed to using only “virgin phosphorous acid” in our phosphite formulations.

When prices vary widely in phosphite fertilizers, it is likely that the raw ingredients are not the same and the lower price products probably do not contain 100% “virgin phosphorous acid.”

A local study was conducted comparing phosphorous uptake in almond trees using Engage PK, Phosgard and Nutri-Phite. Click here to see the results of that study.

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