Breaking GroundChico Bean Growers was established in 1957 as a bean processing cooperative by growers who had become frustrated with hauling their crop long distances only to wait in long lines at warehouses for their beans to be cleaned and marketed.  This system left much to be desired.  Buyers dictated prices and local market prices seemed to be consistently lower than in other producing regions.

As alternative courses of action were evaluated and discussed, a vision emerged for how the co-op could become a leader for various grower services. To provide top-level service, the board realized that it needed to be in a better buying position to handle the large volumes of plant food needed for competitive pricing.

The rail and supply warehouse has been a major catalyst in the revival of Chico Bean Growers.  Also vital were bylaw changes part of which altered the definition of a member from being a bean producer to simply an ag producer.  Also a new dba of North Valley Ag Services was added as Chico Bean Growers gave the farm community the impression that they had to be a grower of beans in order to qualify for membership or to purchase.NVAS Offices

Many additional services and equipment have been added over the years including crop protection products and licensed pest control advisers. As time has gone by the Chico Bean management and board has endeavored to continually assess our performance and look to the future for new opportunities.